Absolute Truth

We Value the Bible alone as God’s Word.

This is just the first of the five core values of First Baptist Spartanburg. If you are new to Genesis, understanding what is important to our church family helps you to know who we are… meet Grady!

“ I have been a member of First Baptist for 73 years and the Bible has always been foundational at our church. Sitting under the preaching of Dr. Slaughter, Dr. Walker, and now Dr. Wilton it is obvious they believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Its writers were inspired by God to reveal to us His wonderful plan of salvation. What a great God to love each of us so much to send His Son to die on the cross for our sins and to reveal to us what God was truly like. Knowing this truth is consistently proclaimed all the way from the pulpit to our preschool teachers thrills my heart”   Grady Stewart

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