Life Groups are what you’re looking for


Looking to grow closer to Christ and other people? Life Groups are what you’re looking for. Discipleship happens through relationships. Joining a life group simply means that you are committed to going deeper into His Word and investing your life into other people for the cause of Christ. This is where we discover our 2 a.m. friends. To get connected into a Life Group, please contact us at … [Read more...]

In Christ, More is Possible

in christ more is possible

  Last fall, our world changed in a big way. As recent graduates of the Medical University of South Carolina’s Physician Assistant program, it was time to find a job. Our plan had always been to graduate, find a job in Charleston, and live happily there for about five years near family, friends, and our close-knit church family. But we soon realized that God had other plans for us. With a … [Read more...]

A Key Question


  A  Key Question is: Have I met with God today personally? Worship is an opportunity for us to praise God and experience fellowship and unity with others. As we lift up the name of the Lord with gladness we are lifted up in Spirit and in Truth. Hebrews 10:22-25 gives five exhortations for courage and strength to those who trust in the Lord. We are persuaded to: ·  spend time with … [Read more...]